Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Spencer - A Summer Escape

Now, as the weekend approached, the pool would be populated with sunbathers, swimmers and shouting children. Suddenly Claire felt elated to be getting away from the whole apartment scene. She stood, peering through the early morning fog, shivering a bit in her sweatshirt and jeans - waiting for Spencer and his friend Hans, the rock climber. Claire did not envision herself attempting any major climbs on this trip - perhaps a trail hike in the forest. She was not one to scale a steep precipice; no - it was more an urgency she felt - an almost desperate need to escape her usual surroundings, to walk among glistening pine trees along a warbling creek and to find a beauty in nature that would be large and promising in the majestic arms of Yosemite. And of course, she was hopeful that this invitation from Spencer meant something that might bring them back together.

Finally, Spencer’s black BMW and then a white, Ford truck rumbled over the blacktop hill of the apartment complex. Claire shouldered a backpack while eying Spencer and his gazelle-like grace, as he stepped out and circled his car making sure it was safely parked. He rubbed an imaginary smudge on the car-hood with the hem of his T-shirt before looking her way with a quick turn of his head. Spencer walked over to where Claire was standing and offered a light kiss on the cheek. “Hey Buddy,” he said, using his favorite endearment. He leaned down to pick up the rolled tent that she was bringing. The chortle of a lone raven echoed over the open blacktop. They looked up to see the bird ducking its head to chortle once again. Spencer, with his eyebrows arched capriciously over his green, Irish eyes, endeavored to chortle back, but a dove-like coo alighted through his rounded mouth instead.

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